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In major cities such as Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, unauthorized mobile cellular towers are being removed, due to mobile signals are becoming very weak in these major cities. Because of people are unable to call from inside their house and they are losing their important call and People are searching for weak mobile signal solutions.

Therefore, we are looking forward to resolving a weak mobile network problem. We have a variety of 2G 3G 4G Mobile Signal Booster which is cover all network like: Airtel Idea Vodafone Jio MTNL BSNL. You need to decide which mobile signal booster you want.

We are installation service provider of all type of 2G, 3G mobile signal booster for Airtel Vodafone, Jio, Idea in all Delhi (NCR) like: Nehru Place, Kalkaji, chandni chowk, karol bagh, Rohini, Narela, Dwarka, bawana, Sadar Bazaar, Dariya Ganj, Uttam, Gandhi Lajpat Laxmi Nagar in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bhiwani, Faridabad, Karnal, Palwal, Sonipat, Rohtak, Rewari, Panipat haryana, Greater Noida, Bulandshahr, Baghpat, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Hapur, Kanpur, Lucknow UP, Alwar, Bharatpur Rajasthan and all over India with one year replacement guarantee.

What is a signal booster?

Too many people have a question, exactly what is a signal booster. The answer is, in today's era, wireless technology is increasing day by day, in which cell phone is very important wireless technology, which is a widely used medium for communication.

Mobile phones work out of wireless networks. There are several network providers in India, the largest network provider of India is Airtel. For the last several years, Airtel has expanded its scope to cover most of India, but there is still a problem of weak network in many parts. Signal booster can be used to solve the problem. A mobile signal booster is a device that receives a single through the external antenna and transmits it to the indoor amplifier which increases the signal.

The amplifier is connected between the outer antenna and the indoor antenna via a wired connection. The indoor signal amplifier has complex circuitry, which increases the external network with greater power. Then it sends an enhanced signal to the indoor antenna and converts the received indoor antenna to the waves of the same frequency as received by the external antenna. So basically, the mobile phone booster is a device that extends the external mobile signal based on the need. The complex circuit incorporates external power and increases the signal strength to the desired extent. It is important to understand the function of Signal Booster. You are being told in step-by-step ways that how do mobile phone signal boosters work.

1. The cellophane amplifier includes an external antenna which receives the signal present and provides the amplifier with the help of cable. Therefore the external antenna installation process is very important. The outer antenna should be placed in a place where the signal is -50DBM.

2. The received signal is only moved forward through and local barrier is eliminated. It is usually done to ensure that there is no barrier to reaching the signal up to the indoor, and the signal can be transported to the inside with full strength.

3. Received signals by the amplifier are broadcast with the help of indoor antenna, which gives mobile devices a strong signal.

Benefits of Using Mobile Phone Signal Booster

When someone is making a call using a cell phone, it needs to receive and send radio waves bounced out of a transmission outpost or a base station. The network providers set up these stations to provide services to the clients.

Nowadays, mobile phones have become a compulsory requirement for people, without the mobile one cannot live because when someone needs to call. It is mandatory for a mobile phone to be there and there should also be strong mobile signal. If the signal is weak you may have trouble making calls. This is very harmful. For all these reasons mobile signal booster is being used as a best technique, because cell phone repeater helps to solve the problem by strengthening the weak mobile signal.

The main function of cell phone repeater is to repeat the signal coming from the base station. Where the signal repeater is installed, the communication system runs smoothly. So if you have to improve the communication system within your office or home. And you are thinking of installing a cell phone amplifier. Then call us to installation of cell phone signal repeater at your office or home.

Where the mobile signal booster is installed, All the people present there get a mobile network. No matter how many people are present there. All people who are present in that area can use the mobile network because without full network availability voice calling is not possible.

The process of setting up a cell phone amplifier is very easy. It can be installed in a short time. There is no need for any special person or engineer to install this, because this is a plug and play signal amplifier system and you can completely install it yourself.

After we receive your order, we send the signal repeater with all necessary series to you, So that you do not need any additional series, which protects your money and time.

Many types of signal boosters are shown on our website. You can choose the signal device as per your requirement.

Tri Band 2G 3G 4G Signal Repeater

Tri Band 2G 3G 4G Mobile Signal Booster

Tri Band 2G 3G 4G Mobile Netwrok Booster is a great choice for commercial and official purpose. Because all mobile network Airtel Idea Vodafone Jio 2G 3G 4G is available in Tri Band.
Dual Band 2G 3G Signal Repeater

Dual Band 2G 3G Network Booster

Dual Band 2G 3G Booster is available in medium rate, this is the best option for both smartphones and keypad phones.
3G mobile signal booster

3G Mobile Signal Booster

Single band (21MHZ)Mini repeater 3G is available at a very low rate. And it can only be used in cheap rate for smart phones.
4G Mobile Signal Booster

4G Mobile Signal Booster

2G 4G dual band repeaters is a very good option for small keypad mobile phones because small keypad mobile phones only require 2G networks. Small phones cannot access 3G or 4G networks, so 2G Plus 4G is the best option for small keypad phones only.
Golden Tri Band 4G 5G Signal Booster Installation Repair

Golden Tri Band

Golden Tripal Band Signal Booster is great in Look and can be done very easily in the installation process, in which all Network Airtel Idea Vodafone Jio 2G 3G 4G is available.

It is also slightly cheaper than Black, and with very good looks, it has been used more because of the presence of all the network Airtel Idea Vodafone jio MTNL BSNL.

White Tri Band Repeater Installation Repair

White Tri Band Signal Repeater

White also works like a golden booster and looks the same way.

patch panel antenna in delhi

Patch Panel

The panel antenna is completely directional, which transmits the signal in the direction of the front of the antenna. It is used to cover many floors with a signal, a panel antenna is most often found in the signal booster kit designed for residential use, as it can be easily installed anytime anywhere.

LMR 300 Coaxial Cable for Signal booster antenn

LMR 300 Coaxial Cable

Cable is very important in any signal booster installation process, because the amplifier and antenna are capable of providing signal based on the quality and length of cable.

LMR300: This is the ultra low loss cable that you can include a large building signal booster kit. The LMR300 is very shielded, so it can use up to 100 feet during the installation process.

Why You Need a Signal Booster?

A cell phone signal booster works to strengthen the signal of your iPhone or Android cell phone. The main reasons for the weakness of the signal are two reasons. First, your home may be at a distance from the nearest network tower or broadcaster. There is a total coverage area for transmitting signal to cellular broadcasts, as soon as you move away from their coverage area, your signal starts becoming weak. Secondly, by building high buildings around your house, the signal is unable to crush the thick wall of your house. That’s you need a mobile signal booster for your home or office.

Mobile phone signal repeater is used to receive weak mobile signal by the outdoor antenna and it is strengthened by the indoor antenna to provide it in the area around you. Nowadays there are many types of signal repeater available in the market to increase the network. If you live in an area with weak signal then you can also use repeaters to increase the weaker mobile network.

How to Choose?

The selection of signal boosters is done on the basis of some important factors: like the type of carrier and the type of network on that carrier, the area that needs to be covered and available outside the signal power.

Main 7 reasons for Mobile Signal Booster Utility

Whether you need any mobile network, there are great advantages of using mobile signal boosters to solve the problem of connectivity.

1. Easily installed and can be used: You can easily install this in your home, which will work to consolidate the weak mobile signal and it provides all mobile networks, whether any network is used within your home. There is no need to install more than one repeater.

2. Strong Signals: Weak mobile signals are very painful, especially for those who work in the office or in the house, which require a stronger signal for voice coll. Many building materials such as concrete roofing basement prevent cellular signals and due to bad weather, call clearness can be weak. Mobile Signal Repeater corrects call connectivity by strengthening signal by installing signal repeater inside your home to overcome these obstacles.

3. You Can Boost any Network: We have a tri-band signal booster with all Indian frequencies, which supports all the networks. Consequently, if there is a need to strengthen signal inside your home or office, where is a different type of network user, it is a great product.

4. Battery Life: When your mobile is searching for a signal in the auto connected mode, the battery decreases rapidly. A repeater that strengthens the signal, due to your mobile network will remain stable and your battery life will be good.

5. Uninterrupted Browsing: Nowadays people rely heavily on mobile, because whole world news is found on the mobile. Even so, their daily activities such as football soccer, cricket match scores, e-mail checking somewhere, do all the work on mobile. Consequently, weaker mobile signals can create constraints for them. Weak mobile signals always separate from the digital world. Mobile Network Booster strengthens the signal to wait for the buffer of web pages to obtain the required information.

6. Faster Uploads and Downloads: A strong signal is needed to watch videos online on YouTube. Our signal repeater improves the speed of your network download uploads both, so you can easily browse the video on mobile and enjoy the video.

Reasons for Weak Mobile Signals

There are many places where mobile network is very weak relatively to a base station. Because of people are having trouble talking over the phone. Nowadays mobile has become the most important part of everyday life without the mobile phone people face the problem, so people are searching the solution for the weaker mobile network.

There are many reasons which could blocks up the radio wave transmissions. The mountains can weaken the signals. Even the greater distance from the base station it reaches that also weakens the signal as well. The nearest user to the base station will get strongest signal and the furthest it reaches the signal gets weaker.

There are Two Main Reasons for the Network Being Weak.

1. Distance of cell tower - The cell tower is located to deliver a comprehensive coverage, although there are many places where network coverage is done on the local facilities or towers on the heights of government parliaments where the signals are very weak.

2. A constraint created by people - The strength of the signal is also negatively affected by high houses, hills, weather and other types of obstacles. You are unable to make calls even while near the tower, because the signal has been blocked by stucco, concrete or metal walls.

The Ultimate Solution of Weak Mobile Network

Installing Signal Booster is a solution to the weak mobile network problem because it works like WiFi. It consists of two antennae External antenna receives the signal and transmits it inside your home. The second internal antenna spreads the signal all around inside your house so that you can roam around any area inside your house. If you complain about a weak signal anywhere, setting up a signal booster can be the first suggestion.

How to work mobile signal booster?

How does it Work?

This system works to amplify the available signal in one place to another place. it is a process of rebroadcasting the available signals within a house or apartment. so with the help of this device there will not be any kind of lag in the communication while making calls. The device can run without any third party monitoring. it can work without internet too.

It is advisable that if you are having a big house use a large signal booster. But in a small room or house an average size is perfect to run on.

Advantage of Using Mobile Network Booster

The signal booster possibly amplifies the Wi-Fi, 3g and GSM connections. Most of the time in a house there are different people using different provider connections, in that case it is very useful.

The signal booster amplifies the weaker signals, so the members of a house get a boost up signal on their devices. If there are different subscribers in one location with 2g and 3g connections, a dual-band signal booster will justify their needs. The 4g devices need a specific data connection which is a bit difficult to procure.

Do Cell Phone Boosters Really Work?

Of course, they do! When so many people across the globe are benefiting from these devices and are enjoying amazing mobile experience despite inadequate network coverage, there are no doubt these devices actually work. Just like terrestrial radio signals, cellular signals are broadcasted by radio frequency. For instance, the FM radio in your car collects the signals through its antenna, amplify it, and retransmit into the vehicle so that you get clear sound quality and uninterrupted broadcast.

Though cellular signals utilize a different slot on the radio frequency spectrum but the technology to receive, amplify, and broadcast signals remains the same. Whether it’s about a residential building, a commercial premise, or a vehicle; signal boosters allow you to have flawless cellular device usage.

However, before purchasing a signal repeater or amplfier, you must make sure that you are investing your hard earned money in a quality product. There are many substandard products on the market but the good thing is you don’t need to consult an expert to find a signal booster that works seamlessly. You can easily get a superior quality cellular signal booster online.

How can I Get Better Signals on My Phone?

There’s no doubt cellular towers are being build almost every month but the number of mobile users is also increasing rapidly. That's why getting a sound strength of signals is still a challenge for mobile users. Here are some ways to get good strong cellular signals for your mobile phone.

1) Firstly, you need to ascertain the prime reason behind poor reception on your premises. Some of the probable reasons may be the distance from the cellular tower, impeding trees or hills in or around your area, construction material used in the building etc. Once you figure out where it lacks, you would be in a better position to address the issue.

2) Every time you make or receive a call, try to move to a location where you can get uninterrupted coverage. Preferably, you should get outside the building for a better signal strength. In case it doesn’t work, move away from tall buildings, hills, trees etc. Sometimes, elevating to a higher place can also make the conditions better.

3) Keep your battery charged. Drained batteries are not capable of searching sound reception.

4) Refresh the mobile signals by either restarting it or by switching it to airplane mode for a while and switching back to regular mode again.

5) Use a high-quality mobile phone signal booster and let your mobile receive excellent signal strength that provides flawless calling and browsing experience. You can get them installed wherever you want: your home, office or even vehicle.

Are Cell Phone Repeaters Safe?

Just because it’s associated with radiation, people generally consider these devices unsafe but that’s not true. Though you might have come across studies which suggest that the radiation from signal boosters causes health hazards like cancer and skin diseases, but the reality is they don’t emit more radiation than a regular mobile device. To your surprise, most repeaters use 10mW of power whereas mobile phones use 500mW to 1000mW of power. In fact, the emissive power of a good quality signal booster is lower than 1 watt. Also, the farther you go from the booster, the less radiation you receive. The volume of radiation decreases by around 30% just by moving one meter away from the booster.

How to Install Mobile Signal Booster?

Mobile Signal Booster is very useful for bad network coverage at inside of buildings. Because it works to increase the mobile network at inside of your Home. However, before you can take advantage of cell phone booster well, you should install it properly inside of your home. It is installed in 3 easy steps. You can install it well by following the instructions in the kit's manual included with booster. If you do not understand anything, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Outdoor Antenna Installation

The main function of boosters is to improve the weak RF signal of any one area. Which receive the signal from the external antenna and delivered it directly to the indoor. There are three ways to get a full network. 1- The full signal appears on the booster's LCD display. 2- The full bar will appear on your mobile phone. 3 - Cell phones can be checked using the signal meter.

1. Outdoor Antenna Installation Process

There are two ways to set up an outdoor antenna: pasting in the wall, or hanging in a pole.

Note: To avoid water or other types of damage, wrap waterproof tape around the connector between outdoor antennas.

2. Signal Repeater Installation Process

Step 1: Select the location near a power plaque on the wall at indoor side.

Step 2: Mount the booster in the wall according to the same as shown in the manual.

Step 3: Add external antenna cables to boosters' BTS side by using the connector.

Step 4: Connect the indoor antenna cables to the mobile marked as "indoor" with the booster through the connector.

3. Indoor Antenna Installation Process

According to your requirement, where you need a mobile network, install the indoor antenna. Below is the v.

Step 1: Select the place of a wall towards any area where you want reception. Generally, to provide a complete coverage, you have to choose the center.

Step 2: After bending on the wall mount the bracket with the screw.

mobile signal antenna installation in delhi


The outdoor antenna should be installed at the height of the building as high as possible in the upper part of the building. You should make sure you are able to call where you are setting up an outdoor antenna. And there should be network strength is – 52DBM to – 65DBM.

connect outdoor antenna fomr BTS side


LMR-300 cable will come from outdoor antenna to indoor which will be connected by connector from main device.

connect indoor antenna from mobile side


After connecting the outdoor antenna with the main device, if you start seeing full signal bars in the display of the voice, then you should connect directly to the Indore Antenna with a mobile signal booster.

done of airtel vodafone signal booster installation


After compleat mobile signal booster installation you should double check that all the cable connectors are well connected. After that you should turn on power.

Search Signal Direction at outdoor

Search Signal Direction

Before installing mobile signal booster, you should check the single strength by going into the settings option from your mobile phone. For good voice call quality, signal strength should be -50DBM to -65DBM.

Install Outdoor Antenna where signl is good

Install Outdoor Antenna

The outdoor antenna should be installed at the location where the mobile signal strength is very strong and there is no barrier to recive of the signal from the best station.

Connect Cable with out door antenna

Connect Cables

Excuse the distance from the outdoor to the indoor and take LMR-300 cables equal to that distance and connect the connectors on both sides to the indoor from the outside.

add Connecter wiht Cable

Cable With Connecter

Add connecter wiht cable.

Connect input With Booster

Connect With Booster

Connect outdoor antenna wiht input point of man device

connet indoor antenna with output point

Connect With Indoor Antenna

connet indoor antenna with output point of main device.

Plugin in Adapter

Plugin in Adapter

12V power has been given by adapter to main device

airtel vodafone signal comming

Signal Comming!

Signal is comming, you should have to hang on signal throwing antenna wher network is week.

poor network solution of 2G 3G 4G Airtel Vodafone

Done !

Now network booster has been installed.

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Terms & Conditions:

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  2. Any damage by negligence, accident, fire, or other act of nature is excluded from this warranty.
  3. No guarantee/warranty on external accessories such as adopter, power cable and other external parts etc.
  4. The Warranty is void if:-
    • We found that our device / product has been repaired, serviced by the unauthorized dealer or person.
    • Voltage of power supply is not within specified limits.

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  • Customers want to know working process of mobile signal booster in Delhi as well demonstration before installing signal booster. Our answer that is fine, firstly I will show demo of working process of mobile network booster and if you satisfy then I will install it on your home or office.

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  • Customers don't want to multiple booster for different purpose. He want to 2G+3G so that he has not to change mobile setting. My answer- Yes, we have 2G+3G signal booster, you don't need to install multiple device for different purpose.

  • Many customers call us froom all over India for cheapest airtel vodafone network booster. My answer for him, Please don't look cheapes, you should look qulity and 100% solution of network problem.

    Answer: We have Good Quality Tri band Mobile Signal Booster available in which you can use all mobile network Airtel Idea Vodafone 2G 3G 4G.

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  • Our office basement does not have any mobile network inside our office Our friends have told me that you install a mobile signal booster in your office and you will get a mobile network so that you can access any kind of mobile network The problem will not be that you can use both 2G 3G 4G voice calls and data of all types.

    After that I searched the mobile signal booster on the internet then your website saw me a lot of mobile signal boosters are showing in your website but I do not know at all which product is good for me. Please visit your office to your engineer. Send us what to tell us which product will be better for us and how much the price is.

    If your product is good and I get a full signal then I will immediately buy your mobile signal booster.

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  • I would like to inquire on the feasibility and price for installing a 2G+3G Signal booster (Voice and Data) for Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Idea service providers. (Device and installation inclusive).

    The location NOIDA Sector 34, Ground floor flat with direct line access to terrace. This a housing society with 3 storied flats.

    Kindly revert and let me know at the earliest.